About Us

The international art market - a special world with its stars and its corps de ballet, and most importantly, with its set of rules, which in some cases strictly followed, and in others - allow indulgence. The main stage, which takes place today, all art battles are in Europe, the United States and, more recently, in Asia. Of course, the European market, all of the above, has the longest history. In the eighteenth century it was a place of pilgrimage for art lovers from around the world, including from Russia. The magnificent collection Sheremetievs, Yusupov, and later Mamontov, Morozova and other famous collectors, connoisseurs and amateurs are taking place in Europe. Meanwhile, it turned out that the best examples of not only Western but also Russian art, is now to be found in England or France.

Beauty is a form of Genius - is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation. It is one of the great facts of the world...

Oscar Wilde

It should be understood, however, that even serious knowledge in a particular field of art is not enough to successfully build your collection. It should also be guided in prices, to be able to distinguish between dealers, which can be relied on unreliable and know at what point it is better to stop the auction to raise the price not to overpay. Simply put, you must also understand the rules of the market and be aware of its events. Due to its location in the heart of the European art market - Paris, we constantly keep our finger on the pulse of events. Regardless of the auction houses and galleries, we work exclusively in the interests of the client. Playing the role of a guide on the art market and an experienced advisor, we provide a service that meets individual preferences of each client.