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The International art market exists in its own unique universe. From its étoiles, to its corps de ballet, and of course its proper system of rules, that in some cases should be respected and may be overlooked in others. Today the battles to acquire fine art are principally held in Europe, the United States and more recently in Asia. It is Europe however, that has the longest, most vibrant and strongest history. Europe has been the epicenter for art lovers to make their pilgrimage from all over the world (including Russia) stemming all the way back to the 18th century. The magnificent collections of Sheremetev, Yusupov, and later Mamontov, Morozov, all have found their sources in Europe. Given this rich history we should continue to canvas the United Kingdom and France not only to rediscover the best representations of European art but Russian art as well.

In the meantime, it is important to understand that while you may have sound knowledge of a particular subject you could still be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. A piece that is vital to the fulfilling development of your own art collection. There are some critical things to keep in mind when putting together your collection. You must be familiar with prices and know how to distinguish a trustworthy dealer from the others. There are dealers who attempt to take advantage of inexperienced collectors and it is helpful to have an offsider to assist you in navigating this universe. Knowing when to stop bidding on a piece at auction is a skill of its own. It's extremely important to understand the art market rules and to be informed of its trends. Situated in the very heart of the european art market here in Paris we constantly have a grasp of the overall picture including trends and pricing. Being independent of the auction houses and galleries we act exclusively on behalf of the client. Here at Art & Antiques Advisory Service we take the role of experienced guide and reliable advisor very seriously and whether you are looking for your first piece or you have an extensive collection we will provide you with a tailor made experience.

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Auction is one of the most ancient type of sale in the world. 


Etienne Levasseur

Pair of bibliotheques bas by Etienne Levasseur. Exceptional piece of furniture offered by one of parisian galleries.


Collector's treasurt : Museum Nissim de Camondo

Perhaps are tired of the overcrowded museums and noisy tourists, and you feel youself ready to discover another Paris. I invite you to fallow me then to the private residences and palaces in former times owned by the most noble and rich people of their epoch. The places that hide rare pieces of art worthy of you interest and open to you the intimate world of a collector.


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